Know More About Loire Valley Castle Tickets

Are discounts available on the Loire Valley Castle online tickets?

Yes, discounts are available on some of the Loire Valley Castle online tickets. Check your ticket details before purchasing.

Is there a discount on the ticket price for children?

Children aged 6-18 enjoy a discounted price on the Loire Valley Castle tickets., while infants aged 5 can visit the castles for free. Make sure to check the ticket information before you purchase.

What are some of the popular Loire Valley Castles?
How far is the Loire Valley from Paris?

Loire Valley is a vast stretch of area, which is located about 280 km south of Paris.

How can I travel to the Loire Valley Castles?

The Loire Valley Castles are located about 280 kilometers south of Paris. Most tourists prefer taking a comfortable car ride to the Loire Valley castles as only a handful of train stations are close to the sites.

What is the best time to visit the Loire Valley Castles?

If you are planning to visit the Loire Valley Castle and want to avoid crowds, try to plan your visit between the months of April and June or between September and October.

How long should I spend on a Loire Valley Castle?

It depends on the kind of trip you are looking for. Most tourists prefer to spend an entire day in a castle as all of the Loire Valley Castle has lots of things to explore, activities, and exhibitions taking place. If you want to make the most of your visit, you can buy a combo ticket to save time and visit multiple castles in the same day while making the most of it.

Are combo tours available?

Yes, there are combo tour tickets for those who are looking to visit multiple Loire Valley Castles in a day. The combo tickets offer up to 30% discount, which can be a huge money-saving option for visitors.

Which castle should I visit if I want to know more about the influence of the Renaissance in France?

The design and the structure of castles like Château de Chambord, Château ‘Azay-le-Rideau, Château du Clos Lucé, Château Royal d'Amboise and Château de Chenonceau show a significant influence of the Renaissance period of France.

Which castle should I visit if I want to explore Leondardo Da Vinci’s life?

Château du Clos Lucé and Château Royal d'Amboise are the two castles that played a significant role in Leonardo Da Vinci’s life.  He spent the final 3 years of his life at Château du Clos Lucé, while Château Royal d'Amboise is designed by the maestro. Both the castles have gardens with replicas of Da Vinci’s works and models on display.